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Flowers for all occasions

Full range of florists sundries.

Fruit Trees

Home grown apples, plums, pears and also nectarines, peach, cob nuts, quince and medlars.


Over 100 varieties of roses including a wide range by David Austin.

Ornamental Trees

From Oak trees to Giant Sequoia.

Soft Fruit

Full range of soft fruit such as raspberries and gooseberries.

Bedding Plants and Hanging Baskets

Huge range of bedding plants. We can also replant your hanging baskets.

Colourful Plants

Hundreds of types of colourful Herbaceous plants such as Lupins, Delphiniums and Paeony.


Very wide range of shrubs - something to suit all areas of your garden.


Houseplants, including seasonal favourites such as Poinsettia.

Bee Keeping Equipment

A full complement of bee-keeping equipment from feeds to suits to hives.

Garden Sundries

All garden sundries - stakes, ties, labels, hanging baskets, groundcover sheeting, greenhouse glass etc...


Seeds from Mr Fothergills, Franchi, Johnsons and Robinsons.


Compost from Humax and Westland.


Tools from Bulldog.

Bark and Gravel

Decorative bark and gravel.

Available in Season

Seed potatoes, spring and summer bulbs and christmas trees.

Fertilisers and Chemicals

Full range of fertilisers and chemicals from Vitax and Bayer.


Hozelock, Hawes watering cans.


Ornamental pots from Woodlodge, Yorkshire Flowerpots and Whitefurz. Basic plant pots from Desch Plantpak.

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