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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are able to deliver any of the items that we sell locally. For small quantities there may be a small delivery charge.
Please get in touch for more details.

Yes, we hire out anything that isn’t already sold or reserved.
Please get in touch for more information.

We grow the vast majority of plants that we sell on site. This means that you can be sure it will thrive in Yorkshire – it hasn’t just been imported from somewhere hot and sunny and thrust into a Yorkshire winter!
Of the plants that we do buy in we have been working with the same suppliers for many years .

We can supply topsoil loose in up to one and a half tonne loads in the local area. This is delivered on a small tipper so we will need to be able to tip the soil somewhere on delivery. We can also deliver full pallets of compost or bark mulch.

Yes we deliver flowers locally to either home or place of work.
(always goes down well!)

We aren’t able to provide design or planting services but we do work very closely with and can recommend a number of local garden landscapers and designers who will be able to help.

We have a number of long-standing relationships with some of the best nurseries in the UK and on the continent so we are usually able to locate any plant or number of plants for you.

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