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April 2024 Update 

Grafted TomatoesVegetable plant display

Bare root season is now finished until November so hopefully everybody got their hedges planted! We have a couple of boxes of seed potatoes left. Now is the time to get them in the ground. 

Vegetable plants are now out on sale and we have a great selection of Brassica, Lettuce, Carrots and Beans. These can be transplanted out straight into a prepared veg patch or into a planter. 

Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Peppers are growing nicely in the houseplant greenhouse. At the moment they need to go into a heated greenhouse or onto an indoor warm windowsill.  Hopefully by May the weather will have warmed up and most varieties can go outside.

We have some grafted tomato, pepper and cucumber plants available for sale now as well. These are stronger plants than the others that are grown from seed. 

Bedding plants are now on sale but these also need protecting from any late frosts. We have all the usual favourites- Geraniums, Verbena, Lobelia etc, with lots of different colours and varieties available.



March Update

Welcome to our blog where we are going to post updates of what we are up to on the nursery, new stock item and anything we think may be of interest! We are very good at keeping quiet about all the plants and trees that we grow on site and what goes on behind the scenes, so we will use these posts to show you what we get up to on a monthly basis. 

March is a very busy month on the nursery. We are grafting trees, potting up and pricking out bedding, sowing seeds and just generally getting ready for the coming season. The first batch of tomatoes has been pricked out and is coming along nicely in the heated greenhouse. As the weeks go on we will have a large range of varieties available including Shirley, Gardeners Delight and Tumbling Tom. We have a nice mix of indoor and outdoor varieties so whether you’re wanting to grow in your own greenhouse or in your garden we will have something that suits your needs.

We still have quite a few potato varieties left. It is now time to get your first earlies planted. These will be ready to harvest in June. Don’t forget, if you’re short on space you can plant potatoes in a large container. This is easy to do and a great activity to get your children involved with!


As mentioned above, March is the key month for grafting trees. All of our fruit trees are grafted in our field over the road, taking 4 years to be sale ready from the planting of the rootstock to the lifting of the tree. 


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